Feel the Burn.. Build Results


Feel the "Burn," "Build" Results

Why is Maximize Potential better than your ordinary gym? (And no we're NOT Crossfit)

Have you ever went to a new gym excited about working out but didn't know where to start?! You take all of this excitement and settle for 20-30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical and then spend another 20-30 minutes walking from machine to machine just hoping that no one realizes it's your first time in the gym. Our Coaches have a minimum Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and some have their Master's Degree in the subject! We bring the science of working out into every class which accelerates and helps to ensure results.  Maximize Potential is a community of individuals that will motivate, educate and help you with your fitness journey no matter what skill level!  

Maximizing YOUR Potential

Maximizing your life is EASY but schedules can be busy! Our science-based training drives results in 60 minute classes!

Coaching is EVERYTHING

Coaching is the key. Our coaches have a minimum Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and some have their Master's in the subject! Your chances for success are multiplied because great coaches back you up, support you and help you along the way.

Results Tracking

You can't succeed if you don't measure the progress! Easily track results with our Performance Tracking system & 3D Body Scan Analysis.

adult fitness belton
"So motivating and fun! I absolutely love Maximize Potential. Burned 10 pounds in the first month of training and plan to keep going! My confidence has grown and I feel stronger every day." 
Frances R.

Age: 37

Favorite Class: Bootcamp

adult fitness belton
Workout for Any Skill Level
You are here for YOU
Move at your own pace!  Yes the coaches will push you to grow, but we also strive to make working out fun and enjoyable.
Coaching is EVERYTHING
Did I mention that coaching is the key?  The coaches have a wide variety of experience and education which means that we can modify it for YOU!  Had a previous injury? -> We can modify the workout to benefit you and help you recover!
Variety of Workouts

Not only do we have several workout classes to choose from at Maximize Potential but the workouts change over time! You will be learning the foundations of exercise so you're safe but we also keep the workouts interesting!


"One of my favorite things is the 1-on-1 attention in the Small Groups... I wish someone would have told me about Maximize Potential sooner!"

Shannon S.

Small Group Personal Training Classes + 1-on-1 Personal Training

Shannon joined our Small Group Personal Training program a few months ago and has seen amazing results. These classes have a maximum of 6 people to 1 coach, allowing for a VERY individualized training approach. Not only did she BURN 13 pounds of body fat & Decrease 15 total body inches, she has more energy, is much stronger and feels safe working out despite some knee issues.

"60 lbs gone! This is the best I have felt in my life and it’s just getting better. Big thanks to Jon and Scott at Maximize Potential for helping me with my goals and showing me that working out and eating right doesn’t have to be a struggle. I’ll admit, there are days I have a cheat snack or margaritas, but you just have to limit yourself."  

Marina T.

Age: 29

Favorite Class: Barbell Club

"I turned 45 in 2018 and decided I wanted to get back to the lean and toned body I had from my 20's and 30's. I found Scott at Maximize Potential and began lifting weights 4x per week, starting in June. I was 25.1% body fat and made a goal to get within the 'lean' category of 22% or below. Over the last several months I have followed the Online Training Program and have increased the amount of weight I am lifting. I am now proud to say that I met my (first) fitness goal for myself and am down to 21.8% body fat!" 

Melanie C.

Age: 45

Favorite Class: Online Training

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